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As for your makeup, get your peachiest blush on, mimic it for your eyes, then create your best version of sexy bedhead hair. Hear me out: You may not be a Libra, but Libra season September 22 through October 23 affects your sign, making you super confident in your career and in your general atmosphere at work, according to Jake.


So why not accept those compliments in an updated work wardrobe? A cool, glittery dress with an architectural sleeve could work great, especially when toned down and layered beneath a more approachable shirtdress. As for beauty, be true to your natural self, and rock a fresh face with emphasized brows and freckles.

Libra season, which is September 22 through October 23, also has great effects on Aquariuses. For you, that translates to traveling and learning about other cultures, so take a break from the daily grind, and go on a road trip with your best friend.

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Think: comfy, eye-catching pieces in blues, grays and whites, which will honor your air-sign vibes. Why not wear a pair of roomy wide-leg trousers with a netted top accented with jewels? Top with a pale-blue trench and a cool cap to bring it all together. For makeup, get a little quirky, and express yourself. Don't be afraid to take risks with geometric liner—or even a different shadow color for each eye.

Not going to lie, fall is going to be an emotional time for you, Pisces. For starters, from November 15 until the new year, Mars is hanging out in your sign. And Neptune makes a cameo on December 7, creating a very heightened, passionate trio.

In other words: Hold tight, because December 7 is going to be a wild ride. Pay tribute to Neptune and to your watery roots by wearing deep, sea-green colors, like teal and dark blue, and something roomy on the bottom, like a harem pant or culottes. Type keyword s to search. By Rachel Torgerson.

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Click your zodiac sign to find the outfit inspo you need to live your best damn autumn life. Red Floral Jumpsuit. Breezy Button-Down Dress. One-Sleeve Swing Dress. Striped Sweater Dress. Semi-Sheer Sweater dress. Cold-Shoulder Midi. Plaid Dress with Flare Sleeve. Collared Pinstripe Jumpsuit. Puff-Sleeve Tie-Back Dress. Faux-Leather Dress.

Lettuce-Edge Crop Top.

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Feather-Print Pants. Mustard Lace Flounce Dress. Yellow Floral Corset Top. Tapestry-Print Pants. Fuzzy Navy Sweater. Chenille Longline Cardigan. Chunky Stripe Sweater. Striped Gray Poncho. Sharing an element puts Virgo and Capricorn hand in hand. They make a complimentary pair and connect deeply because of this. Since you're both ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, Libra and Taurus bond over the finer things.

The second sign you'll connect with most deeply as a Libra is Sagittarius. As a Scorpio, you'll immediately bond with Taurean strength. The second sign that Scorpios feel most connected to is Pisces. As a Sagittarius, you'll likely find yourself drawn to Leos. With this, they will connect deeply with Leo's style, [and] strong sense of identity," Mckean says. Even if you think you and Aquarius are different on the surface, you're still quite likely to connect with them more than others. As a Capricorn, you'll find comfort in Cancer's point of view.

The second sign Capricorn connects with the most is Aquarius. The first sign you're most likely to connect with deeply as an Aquarius is Gemini. Both signs don't like being pegged down by another person, so their appreciation for independence won't even need to be communicated to each other. Aquarians are so drawn in by Leos that a deep connection forms almost immediately. Astrologically-speaking, Pisces and Aquarius have a deeply symbolic connection.

Aries Reality: Is a sheep with oversized horns and was bullied and is trying to overcompensate. Sagittarius Reality: Makes up everything to compensate for the lack of meaning in their life. Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld.

Fashion can be many things for many people. People have used fashion to not only express themselves, but to send a message to others. The following post will highlight where you can find your sense of fashion. The 1st House and your Ascendant shows your actual sense of fashion. The 1st House and the planets within your 1st House shows your physical appearance, which is strongly influenced by your sense of fashion. The sign of your Ascendant shows how you actually fashionably dress yourself while the planets in the 1st House show the parts of yourself you identify yourself with your actual sense of fashion.

You can find the reason why you actually dress the way you do with your chart ruler. The house of your chart ruler will often show the area of life that influences your actual sense of fashion. Aspects made the chart ruler can also show other areas of your life that can affect the way you dress.

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Your ideal sense of fashion in society is found in the planet of Venus and your 10th House. Your Venus shows what you find to be attractive while the 10th House rules your reputation.

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With Venus, what you find to be attractive affects how you ideally want to look. With Venus, you are working to fashionably achieve what you find to be your most beautiful self. Your 10th House shows the ideal presence you want to give to others. The house Venus is in, the aspects made to Venus, and the sign Venus is in can also show why you have your ideal sense of fashion.

Venus will be the lord for the houses ruled by Taurus and Libra in your natal chart.


These houses will be connected to your ideal sense of fashion. With the house that is ruled by Taurus, your ideal sense of fashion can affect the way you find beauty and security within yourself. With the house that is ruled by Libra, your ideal sense of fashion can affect the way others can find beauty in you and how you use your ideal sense of fashion with others. Your ideal sense of fashion can be complicated because your self-expression can be complicated.