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Most likely because I am an Aries girl and also know of taking courage when others run the other way.

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I am the one raising my hand, saying me. Impulsive to the max. These things feel like an adventure just for me.

Sagittarius and cancer compatibility chart

Inside the practical me, I have felt.. Anyway, just giving you a shout out to say yayyy for you and make it incredibly fun. Hey, is that my challenge voice speaking to me. In Aries.. I now renamed d feelin of fear eXcitment!!! Thank you so much! I really needed somebody to tell me this kind of stuff today. Thank you so much. Dear Debra, great!!! I think I am trying a new round!!

Love and fun Ellen Richter. Where is all this coming from?!

I too have Saturn opposing my 0 degree Aquarius Sun, and feel like I am growing more youthful and playful, the older I get. Thanks for the insights; and best of luck with your comedy caper!